Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

by JCormier on January 18, 2012

Your mobile marketing campaign should be targeted and timed to reach people who are actively sharing their location online. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Identify the geographic areas you cover. If you have a service business that travels (for example carpet cleaning or landscape maintenance), you can specify on Facebook Places, Foursquare, Yelp or Google Places which areas you service. The same idea can be applied to any geographically focused business.
  • Ensure your complete mobile marketing asset mix is connected and optimize your website for mobile devices.  An easy-to–navigate, mobile friendly site is essential rather than just optional, and your site must provide easy access to the social network services where clients can check in and view your offers.
  • Of course your location(s) must be “check-in” worthy. Ask yourself if you would check-in to your location a second time.
  • Permit customers to opt in for offers and newsletters. Some will refuse to disclose personal information such as their interests and their location, but others won’t mind. So give them the option.
  • Once a client has opted in, you must explain exactly (in your privacy policy!) how you intend to use the personal information you gather, to address their concerns regarding privacy.
  • Offer valuable deals. Present them to your subscribers, as well as deal services such as Living Social and Groupon. Ask specifically to participate in their instant deals.
  • Make opting out simple.Locking customers into a program will only annoy them.  Your goal is to keep your customers happy, loyal and eager to buy from you

When your mobile marketing campaign is grounded in an understanding of client interests it becomes a valuable business tool and provides great ROI to your internet marketing budget.

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